Bangladesh College of General Practitioners (BCGP)

Bangladesh College of General Practitioners (BCGP) is the educational wing of BPMPA. It was established in 1985 and provides fellowship for graduate doctors.

The college shall consist of the following persons who shall be called Fellows of the College.

  • Foundation Fellows: Persons elected as Fellows during formation of the College under this Article shall be treated as “Foundation Fellows of the College”.
  • Honorary Fellows: The Governing Body of the College may award Honorary Fellowship to the foreign nationals and Bangladeshi nationals.
    • Honorary Fellowship may be awarded to foreign nationals but shall not have the voting rights.
    • Honorary Fellowship may be awarded annually maximum to 3 (Three) Bangladeshi nationals for their outstanding contributions in the field of medical and allied sciences, research, publications, social works, outstanding contributions towards the academic discipline and or affairs of the College, etc. This group of Fellows should have the voting rights.
  • Course Fellows: Persons who have passed the Fellowship examination and are admitted as Fellows by the Governing Body of the College shall be treated as Course Fellows of the College.

Criteria’s for entering fellowship examination (FCGP) of becoming Course Fellows:

  • MBBS or equivalent registered Medical Graduations for Minimum 3 years.
  • Private practice: Minimum 2 years.
  • Life member of BPMPA.



  • Branches of the Association may be set up by persons eligible for membership provided at least 25 persons apply in a specified form wishing to join the Association through the proposed branch and forwarding them with the subscription.
  • The branches shall have specific jurisdiction and shall be governed by such rules and bye-laws as may be framed by the C.E.C. from time to time and must be approved by C.E.C.
  • The branches shall enroll their own members and shall pay into the funds of the C.E.C. a fee of 50% of the total earning of the branch by way of subscription to the Association.
  • Branch shall hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at least 45 days ahead of the sitting of the Annual General Assembly and send the proceedings of such meeting along with the names of the members willing to attend the General assembly at least 30 days before the holding of Annual General Meeting of the General Assembly for its record. Branch shall also submit all the minutes of the committee meetings and the names and address of new members enrolled to C.E.C.
  • In addition to the geographical districts anywhere any private institution having more than 200 bed hospital can form a district branch with prerequisite members.